A day in the life of Brian Hoff

As told by Dan Mall

When I first signed up to participate in a Design Swap with Brian Hoff, we hardly knew each other aside from a few emails and tweets. We decided to use the exercise as an opportunity to get to know one another. Below, you’ll discover what I learned about 24 hours in Brian’s life.


Time Activity
Woke up
Opened notebook to start day of recording data
Fed my cat, Sophie, and changed her water bowl
Hopped in the shower
Dried off; shaved and brushed teeth
Turned on iMac and iPad
Went on a hunt through drawers for new shoe laces (mine ripped the day before); couldn’t find any
Ate a bowl of cereal topped with granola while reading my RSS feeds on my iPad
(While still eating…) grazed over my new emails and deleted the “spammy” ones
Became annoyed by an ignorant email/blog comment
Cleared off dishes and emptied dishwasher
Boiled water to make a fresh cup of Oolong tea
(While waiting on water to boil), checked the weather
Sat down at my iMac to start my work day, “officially”
Started my daily routine
Sent out my first Tweet of the day
Opened Dribbble and poked around a bit
Jumped back to email responses
Saved some online inspiration that I found in my RSS feeds with Little Snapper. Found some really beautiful book cover design.
Opened up AI and sketchbook to continue working on a logo for an app company
Set my iTunes to shuffle mode and started with the song Tight Rope by Yeasayer
Remembered to check today’s TeuxDeux’s and made a reminder to call a client tomorrow
Decided to step away from the current direction for this App logo and get back to sketching and mind-mapping different directions
Expanded on a few sketched directions in AI
Added “Write new blog post” to the TeuxDeux
Made more tea and took a bathroom break
Pulled together Identity Concept Sheets for a client: showing horizontal and vertical positioning, the mark/bug standing on its own, a scaled down version to show readability at small sizes and a favicon.
Procrastinated on Twitter for a few
Finished the Identity Concept Sheets and emailed them to the client
Checked off “Email client concept sheet” from to-do list
Checked next item in the to-do list
Decided to work on the redesign of BrianHoff.net for the next 40 minutes before taking a lunch at 12.
Fiddling around with typefaces and arrangement of text
Saved all work and taking a lunch
Making a sandwich with ham and cheese and a bag of chips
Decided to take a break from record keeping to avoid insanity for the remainder of the day :)
Reading over notes for a talk with client at
Talk with a new client to start a new project
Talk over; open AI to start second project of the day: an interactive company’s Documentation design (i.e. invoice, quote design, etc)
Turn on Grooveshark and sift through font library and FontShop.com
Caffeine fix
Resume work while caffeine is setting in… font selecting time!
Interrupted by client phone call
Skype conversation with client discussing the recently emailed directions for a website comp
AIM chatting with a friend
Trip to bathroom
Checked out the new Pictory article and the designer’s website behind the illo
Searched business card inspiration; came across Samantha Warren’s beautiful letterpressed card
Checked Dribbble
Keep seeing my iPhone light up with Gowalla check-ins; wishing I was somewhere else…
Friend called about going out tonight at the Kyber for a CD release of his DJing gig; ambient D&B
Opened Google Reader
Opened sketchbook to draw layouts for a client’s business cards
Sketching while head-banging to a Tool song
Transferred a client’s initial payment from PayPal into bank account
Approved new blog comments
Emailed client to let him know payment was received
Taking a few minute break due to a sore ass from sitting all day
Call from my little sister asking for help on her school writing assignment
Back to sketches for business cards
Added a new to-do item for tomorrow
Signed off of Skype and AIM
Stopped sketching and giving up work for the day
Thinking about what to cook for dinner and ending my day of note keeping for Dan
Oh wait… forgot to send off one last email for the day. Done!